Fall River Suites

Fall River Suites are located in an amazing 1910 red sandstone building along Fall River, across from Centennial Park, with both dining and shopping options within easy walking distance.

The suite are located on the upper level of the Smith Fargo Building.  Each suite has its own unique theme to include a comfortable sitting/TV area, bedroom, a large bathroom, small refrigerator and microwave.  All units are heated and cooled.  Cable and internet are included.  There is a centrally located kitchen with sitting bar and dining area open for guests use with guests asked to tidy up after themselves.

Due to the upper level location of the suites, please be aware there are 26 carpeted stairs with a 6 inch rise with handrail.  There is a chair lift in place, however, it is currently receiving mechanical attention. Please call to check the status of the chair lift if it is imperative to your stay.

The themes of the available suites include the Mission, Oriental, the Miner and the Victorian.  Reservations can be made through Airbnb.com or by texting or contactin
 Tavi at (701) 290- 5663 .  Daily, weekly and monthly options are available.